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Charles Poliquin Workout

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Charles Poliquin Arm Training

charles poliquin arm workout

Charles Poliquin has set himself up as a well-respected trainer of some of the top strength athletes in the world and his book published called "Winning the Arms Race" has already proved itself to be effective. But Charles wanted to go the extra mile in getting the guaranteed results that he expects which is why he has released another book on arm training.

Charles says that his last book on training arms was incomplete which is why he has released another one. He explains that his last book did not take into account the many different variations of deficiencies that a lifter might have both genetically and with education or knowledge that might hold them back from achieving their optimal gains.

He uses the possibility that your brachialis might be under-developed which never allow you to get big biceps. He explains that it is the same problem with the long head of your triceps, which if you are not aware of will certainly hold your progress back.

Charles says that his new book is designed to get the average trainer the knowledge on how to identify his deficiencies so that they can be addressed and dealt with directly. A perfect example of this is the way that Charles explains how to identify your own triceps weakness when doing close-grip bench-press in his new book "57 Methods For Strong, Muscular Arms."

Poliquin also explains that a 10-pound increase in your strength with certain lifts will translate into at least one pound of lean muscle on your arms. This means that if you are able to increase your close grip bench from 225 for six reps for example and with some correct training increase it to 275 for six reps will mean and extra five new pounds of muscle mass.

The explanation that Charles gives in his books always comes with a logical reason on why he suggests one method of getting bigger arms over another. A good example of this is his Electromyography (EMG) studies that he refers to which are scientific methods that can measure any and all electrical activity in the muscles.

He explains that these studies show that movements like Scott curls and incline dumbbell curls will be able to produce a greater involvement of the elbow flexors than any of the other accepted forms of getting large biceps like doing standing barbell curls.

Charles has always insisted on the importance of perfect form which he explains is the most vital ingredient when your objective is to gain muscle. In his own words "cheat curls are often better at building your chiropractor's bank account than your biceps."

In conclusion Charles has boiled down his training to into identifying 6 different lifts that are guaranteed to build you bigger arms if you train with a very strict form. These six different movements are not separated into sets and reps as this would depend on how long you have been training. The movements are:

Close grip bench press

V-bar dips

Lying triceps extension

Scott curl

Incline dumbbell curl

Reverse EZ curl

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